FREE COVID-19 Sanitation Cleaning

Pink Sponge, a local small cleaning company, will give FREE sanitation of CDC recommended areas for the most vulnerable in the community.

Pink Sponge, a New Millennial Local Home Cleaning Company, is proud to announce that they are offering FREE COVID-19 sanitation cleanings to impacted families, seniors, neighbors and businesses in our community. The FREE sanitation will include most of the major areas of the home the Center for Disease Control has recommended to be disinfected to slow the spread of COVID-19.

For more information or to schedule your free give us a call at 1-800-856-3162 or check out our website at Our FREE cleaning service is made possible through the donations of from existing clients, our management and community members like you. If you wish to help a community member please visit our GoFundMe page at or search for ‘Free Sanitation cleaning’.

“After seeing the effect this Virus has had towards our most vulnerable community members and watching our clients, and families struggle to do what they can to care for those they love yet still have to worry about finance, we decided as a company, with our thankful, healthy, ready and willing employees, we would simply not sit idly by. We wanted to do our part to help, and what we can do is clean, so we created and committed ourselves to doing it through this new COVID Sanitation Package.” said Debra Metzger General Manager of Pink Sponge. 

Pink Sponge is a newly opened Residential and Commercial cleaning service dedicated to fighting germs with offices in La Verne and Glendora. We are a small business whose grand opening was disrupted by the COVID virus but as a categorized ‘essential business’ we want to do our part to help the community.